ICAR – Indian Institute of Soil Science

Tapan Adhikari

Tapan Adhikari is a Principal Scientist at ICAR-IISS, Bhopal. He has expertise in soil chemistry and plant nutrition, management of contaminated soil and water, characterisation of newly developed nano-particles, nano-fertilizers, nano-contaminants, entry mechanisms of nano-particles into plants and their effects on growth and yield.

JK Thakur

JK Thakur is a research scientist in agricultural microbiology. His research focuses on evaluation of soil microbial diversity and activity under various nutrient and resource management conditions, as well as utilization of soil and endophytic microbes for plant growth promotion.

Asit Mandal

Asit Mandal is a research scientist in soil science. His expertise is in the area of soil biological and biochemical properties under various nutrient management and cropping systems. He has experience in soil biological diversity assessment in heavy metal contaminated soil, nutrient cycling and climate change.

Aditya Prakash

Aditya Prakash is Senior Research Scientist at ICAR Bhopal.

Ram Kumar Patel

Ram Kumar Patel is a Senior Research Fellow at ICAR-IISS Bhopal.

Roopesh Baghel

Roopesh Baghel is a Young Professional at ICAR Bhopal.

Ajay Yadav

Ajay Yadav is a Young Professional at ICAR-IISS Bhopal.

Seema Sahu

Seema Sahu is Assistant Chief Technical Officer at ICAR-IISS Bhopal.

Rutwik Gandhe

Rutwik Gandhe is a member of staff at the Bhopal School of Social Sciences.