Soil sampling and field experiments - Sri Lanka

Effect of conventional and biodegradable mulch films on crop and soil health (common experiment) 

In Sri Lanka, the common experiment is set up on two contrasting sites – a dry site at Mahailupallama (annual rainfall <1750 mm) and a wet site at Meewathura (annual rainfall >2500 mm). 

As well as the UK polyethylene and biodegradable films, we are using a local polyethylene film. There have been three sowings of maize (Zea mays) at Mahailuppallama to date and two at Meewathura. In 2023 chilli pepper (Capsicum sp.) has also been grown at both sites.

Plots at Mahailupallama site with maize (Zea mays) after 14, 29 and 64 days growth.